Breaking Barriers 2: Plotting the Path Away from Juvenile Detention and Toward Academic Success for School-age African American Males

Congressional Black Caucuas Foundation

The specific aims of the studies featured in this report are to (1) develop strategies to reduce exclusionary disciplinary practices that disproportionately impede the academic progress of black males; (2) establish culturally-relevant priorities for school-based, social-skills training programs targeting school-age black males by exploring delinquency-related factors that are related to educational outcomes; (3) establish priorities and best practices to control gang-related activity in schools, specifically highlighting strategies to cultivate an environment to help black males overcome violence-related stress and enjoy higher levels of academic success; (4) explore the academic potential of black males in juvenile detention centers to establish priorities for detention-based education and programs designed to reintegrate former youth detainees into mainstream schools; and (5) examine the youth experiences of school-age black males who sell drugs, to reveal information necessary to construct family, community, and school-based programs to reduce involvement in the juvenile justice system and promote higher participation in school.

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