Dispelling Disparities for African American Male Students: A Review of Three Successful Charter School Models

Journal of African American Males in Education

Recent literature has recognized the racial disproportionalities that exist in school discipline policies, special education practices, and tracking programs and curriculum with regard to African American male student achievement. Although ample studies have provided suggestive measures for how policy and practice can reform this epidemic, there exists a gap in the literature with respect to the provision of specific, strategic models for academic success among this demographic. This research study provides a comprehensive review of the ways in which schools of choice can advance academic outcomes for students through charters, college preparation programs, and single gender models. We report three school models that have demonstrated success, followed by a discussion regarding undergirding program themes. Key recommendations for administrators and policy makers include reform strategies for discipline-related infractions, a reevaluation of the role of culture and its significance in the classroom, and the continual collaboration amongst school, home, and community.

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