A District's Use of Data and Research to Inform Policy Formation and Implementation

REL Northeast & Islands

A mid-sized urban district in the Northeast and Islands Region formulated and implemented anew discipline policy using data and research. To do so, the district examined a national report on districtwide suspension rates, conducted a detailed analysis of internal data, compared suspension rates with those of other urban districts, and consulted research on the relationship between out-of-school suspensions and academic outcomes. A 50-person task force used the research, data, as well as policies to draft a new discipline policy, the Code of Conduct, Character and Support. In addition to articulating expectations for student conduct and providing guidance about how to address various discipline infractions, they wrote the policy to support uniform implementation of the new policy across the district and to improve the quality of data on student discipline. The school board approved the new policy, and the district not only trained staff on its content but also put in place structures and data systems to support its implementation.

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