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Michigan School Data

MI School Data is the State of Michigan's official public portal for education data to help citizens, educators and policy makers make informed decisions that can lead to improved success for our students. The site offers multiple levels and views for statewide, intermediate school district, district, school, and college level information. Data are presented in graphs, charts, trend lines and downloadable spreadsheets to support meaningful evaluation and decision making.

Schott Foundation for Public Education

Schott supports an “Opportunity to Learn” frame on educational policy, which focuses on ensuring that resources are provided for all students to have an equitable opportunity to learn and produce high achievement outcomes. The Opportunity to Learn (OTL) Campaign unites a growing coalition of advocates and organizers from across the country working to ensure that all students have access to a high quality public education. The Campaign includes local, state and national organizations, grassroots community leaders, policymakers, youth organizers, business leaders and philanthropic partners.

National Clearinghouse on Supportive School Discipline

The National Clearinghouse on Supportive School Discipline (NCSSD) to provides educational practitioners with the resources needed to facilitate (1) The reduction of harsh and exclusionary discipline practices to stem the pipeline to prison and (2) The implementation of supportive school discipline practices. NCSSD is a central source of high-quality, objective, and independent research, data, information, and tools related to school discipline policies and practices.

African American Male Achievement

African American Male Achievement is an ambitious project designed to dramatically improve academic and ultimately life outcomes for African American male students in Oakland. AAMA is leading the school district by analyzing the patterns and processes that are producing systemic inequities. OUSD’s theory of action, Targeted Universalism, ascertains that by transforming the system to support successful outcomes for OUSD’s lowest performing subgroup, OUSD will create a district that improves academic and social-emotional outcomes for all of its students.

Equity and Excellence: African-American Children’s Access to Quality Preschool

This policy report, released by the National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER), the Center on Enhancing Early Learning Outcomes (CEELO), and White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African-Americans (WHIEEAA), discusses the lack of access to high-quality early childhood education experiences for African-American children and offers recommendations to expand opportunities.


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