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Addressing the Root Causes of Disparities in School Discipline: An Educator's Action Planning Guide

This guide provides tools to assess and systematically address disparities in school discipline. It describes how to carry out a descriptive analysis of disparities in school discipline and how to conduct a root cause analysis to systematically address school-based factors that contribute to disparities.

Reconsidering the Alternatives: The Relationship Between Suspension, Disciplinary Alternative School Placement, Subsequent Juvenile Detention, and the Salience of Race

Due to the ever increasing numbers of young people and particularly African-American youth entering the juvenile justice system, the need for research that explores the relationship between schooling experiences and entry into the juvenile justice system is grave. The findings in this study illustrates the need for a shift in focus from the deficit thinking about individual children deemed “disruptive” to how school systems contribute across time to the school to prison pipeline and what school systems can do to prevent children from entering the pipeline.

School Climate Improvement: Resource Package

This Quick Guide provides district and school leaders, teachers, school staff, and other members of the school community with the basics on how to initiate, implement, and sustain school climate improvements. Specificially, it explains how making school climate improvements involves 5 sets of activities-- planning; engaging stakeholders; collecting, analyzing and reporting school climate data; identifying and implementing interventions; and monitoring and evaluation-- and then provides for each activity set.

Overview of the School Discipline Guidance Package

This webinar provides an overview of four components from the school discipline guidance package the US Department of Education (ED), in collaboration with the US Department of Justice, released in January 2014. The components reviewed in the webinar are the "Dear Colleague" guidance letter, the guiding principles document, the directory of federal school climate and discipline resources, and the compendium of school discipline laws and regulations.

Restorative Justice in Schools: Highlights of Research and Practice in the U.S. Webinar

In this 90-minute webinar, researchers describe their study on restorative justice in U.S. schools. They conducted interviews with over 40 experts in the field, surveyed over 150 practitioners nationwide, and conducted a comprehensive literature review. Their research goals were to learn about current practices, essential elements of implementation, and provide recommendations for future research on restorative justice in K-12 settings.

Michigan Department of Education Professional Learning Community Event for Black History Month: A conversation spanning decades

The Great Lakes Comprehensive Center partnered with the Michigan Department of Education to plan and conduct a multi-generational panel of African American males to: 1) Learn how the state education agency can promote better academic outcomes for African American males in future generations; 2) Develop a deeper understanding of the black male experience in public schools; 3) Inform policy and funding decisions based on a seldom heard collective voice; and 4) Create a more positive narrative of African American men and boys. 


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