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Rethinking School Discipline

In this video series teachers and students deserve school environments that are safe, supportive, and conducive to teaching and learning. Creating a supportive school climate—and decreasing suspensions and expulsions—requires close attention to the social, emotional, and behavioral needs of all students.

Long Story Short: How Can Schools Reduce Disparities in Disciplinary Action and Promote Student Mental Health?

Racial and ethnic disparities are a significant issue in school discipline and many students who are expelled or suspended struggle with mental health issues. In this video interview, Ken Martinez, AIR principal researcher, discusses the steps that schools can take to reduce these disparities and increase access to mental health services for students.

Restorative Justice in Schools: Highlights of Research and Practice in the U.S. Webinar

In this 90-minute webinar, researchers describe their study on restorative justice in U.S. schools. They conducted interviews with over 40 experts in the field, surveyed over 150 practitioners nationwide, and conducted a comprehensive literature review. Their research goals were to learn about current practices, essential elements of implementation, and provide recommendations for future research on restorative justice in K-12 settings.

Michigan Department of Education Professional Learning Community Event for Black History Month: A conversation spanning decades

The Great Lakes Comprehensive Center partnered with the Michigan Department of Education to plan and conduct a multi-generational panel of African American males to: 1) Learn how the state education agency can promote better academic outcomes for African American males in future generations; 2) Develop a deeper understanding of the black male experience in public schools; 3) Inform policy and funding decisions based on a seldom heard collective voice; and 4) Create a more positive narrative of African American men and boys. 

How Research Can Offer Solutions to the School-to-Prison Pipeline

Helping youth at risk escape the school-to-prison pipeline is a growing concern for educators, researchers, communities and providers. The School-Justice Partnerships Certificate Program, the first of its kind, brings together Georgetown University's Center for Juvenile Justice Reform, American Institutes for Research experts, and educational and juvenile justice leaders to provide research-based solutions for those who work with youth at risk. In this video, experts speak to their experiences addressing the school-to-prison pipeline and how the program can help.

A Civil Rights Look at the Common Core

Bradley Scott, Ph.D., director of the IDRA South Central Collaborative for Equity, discusses some of the critical elements of Common Core State Standards that have not been addressed sufficiently, including lack of attention to: interventions for students already performing below grade level, a full range of support for English language learners, and information on how teachers should teach the standards.  

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